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SEP Conferences will be held March 8 and September 9th.

The window for scheduling conferences begins Tuesday February 21st  at Midnight and will stay open until Saturday March 4th at 11:59PM.

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Ensign Library Spring 2017 Newsletter

Read all about it. CLICK HERE to find out about the Ensign Library news including the Spring Book Fair, Parent Resources, and much more!


AGENCY FAIR is an annual open house including 60+ agencies that provide a variety of services for people with disabilities of all ages.  

Providers include representative agencies from the advocacy, healthcare, employment, education, recreation, and other areas.  

Highland High on Wednesday April 26th

Click here: For more Information

Science Fair January 2017 Results

Science Fair January 2017 Winners!

District Results

Stine J - 1st Place in Physics Astronomy and Math

Addie W and Phoebe W - 2nd Place in Chemistry

Natalie G - 3rd Place in Chemistry

Spencer R and Dawson M - 3rd Place in Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Congratulations to our winners! Good luck at Regionals!


School Wide Results

Science Fair 2017 Winners

Students selected for the Salt Lake City School District Science fair will present their projects the afternoon of Feb 8th.  We know that judges there will be equally impressed with the quality of work as our school science fair judges were.


1 Andy M. and  Kelsey S. Will wetlands help prevent algae blooms?
2 Phoebe W. and Addie W. What is the cheapest and most efficient way to remove graffiti?
3 Natalie G. Do certain liquids absorb and store energy better than others?
4 Spencer R. and Dawson M. Does air density impact the speed of a moving object
5 Stine J. Is there a correlation between sunspot activity and aurora borealis occurrences?
6 Elizabeth B. Why does honey crystallize?
7 Lucas Hall. and Elliot D. What chemicals keep ants enclosed best?
8 Megan R. Will a gummy bear absorb a liquid that it is placed in?
9 Mary M. Which stain remover works best?
10 Naomi L. No title given
11 Lillian B. and Josh S. Will heating or cooling a paper airplane affect how far it flies?


The three top projects by grade received ribbons:

6th grade
Andy M. Kelsey S.
Pheobe W. Addie W.
Stine J.
5th grade
Natalie G.
Spencer R., Dawson M.
Elizabeth B.
4th grade
Megan R.
Lillian B. Josh S.
Sam J. Thomas H.
3rd grade
Naomi L.
Marta M.
Greer B., Julia E.

A big thanks to Steven Merrigan, Andy Wilson, George Robison, Eric Jergensen, Erin Larragoite, Matt Szaniawski, Kadyn Kimball, Racheal.Nell, Isabella Tcaciuc , Gavin Hunter, Jen Hunter, Tom Martins, and Laura Martins  for taking time out of their busy schedules to judge our science fair  and to Deborah Romney for helping coordinate judging activities. 

Fighter fighters visit Ensign with a surprise!

Fighter fighters visit Ensign Fighter fighters visit Ensign

Last week the firefighters from the Salt Lake City Fire Department Station 4 visited our school. They had a special surprise! 

They had been collecting warm coats and jackets for students in need, which they brought with. Ensign students had a surprise of their own, they prepared special valentines to tuck into the pocket of each coat before they go to their new homes via the school district.

The firefighters stayed and told us about the other duties they have besides fighting fires, which students were fascinated by.

Students were thrilled to get a chance to go and check out their fire truck, which they had pulled up right in front of our school.

Thank You Firefighters of Station #4

Bill of Rights Exhibit and Extraordinary Civil Rights Special Guest: Reverend France A. Davis

Bill of Rights DisplayExtraordinary Civil Rights Special Guest: Reverend France A. Davis

Ensign Elementary received one of 200 nationwide pop-up exhibits from the National Archives, The Bill of Rights and You, commemorating the 225th anniversary of the ratification of the landmark Bill of Rights document. The Bill of Rights and You exhibit spotlights one of the most remarkable periods in American history, explores the origins of the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution (collectively known as the Bill of Rights), illustrates how each amendment protects U.S. citizens, and looks at how Americans exercise the rights outlined in the amendments. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, which ended segregation in public places and banned employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin, is considered one of the crowning legislative achievements of the Civil Rights Movement. As part of this exhibit we have created a learning classroom with the display, copies of the original and updated Bill of Rights, and an interactive area for Civil Rights lessons.

On February 2nd we had the honor of a visit from Reverend France A. Davis. He talked to our entire school about his experiences growing up with segregation and marching with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other peaceful civil rights leaders during the Civil Rights Movement. He was present for the famous and pivotal “I have a Dream” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Reverend Davis talked about some of the civil rights activities he participated in that lead up to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The students had more questions for him than he could answer, and were so thrilled to meet him, many staying afterwards to shake his hand. The students had a thank you surprise for Reverend France A. Davis, they had learned and performed for him the song We Shall Overcome. He had some advice to give the students (the following is a summary, not a quote).

1.  Do everything within your power to be prepared so you can do your best in whatever you want to accomplish.
2.  Be ready to notice when the "ground swells" ... when opportunity to something arises.  And when there is a need for action .... have the courage to take action.
3.  Have bold Vision and believe in your Vision.  And don't be afraid to believe big.
4.  Communicate effectively and respectfully with everyone ... especially those with whom you may disagree.It was an incredibly memorable event for everyone involved. 

It was a memorable event for everyone involved. 

Since then,students have had the additional privilege of getting to learn from our very own Dr. Bobbie Kirby about her experiences with segregation during her childhood. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

Dr. Kirby with a class of students 


Ensign Big Top Event Winners!

Ensign Big Top Event Results

The Read a Thon is Over

First a big THANK YOU to the Ensign PTA who funded the event and helped to both coordinate volunteers to enter the recording sheets and to help out at the grand prize event next week. A special thank you to all those parents who volunteered to enter in the recording slips each day! Another thank you to ALL of our Ensign Parents for supporting their students at home to read more and do more physical fitness. A thank you to the teachers for taking class time to listen to all these event announcement. A huge thank you to all the students who participated and turned in your recording slips –because of you we topped this years goal of 175, 000 minutes of fitness and reading with a new school total of 183,691! Great Job Ensign Troupes!

Over the past week of the “Ensign Big Top” event our Troupes accomplished a variety of carnival challenges, read more than ever and did a ton of physical fitness.  We learned about all the qualities that make real world kids who develop talents so amazing.  These are the same qualities that we have noticed in our Ensign troupes… determination, excitement for learning, persistence, having a positive attitude whether winning or losing, having goals for the future and working towards them, try new things even if someone might say its too hard or you too young to do, creativity, to have fun, pursue the things you are interested in, understanding that you don’t have to wait until you grow up to make a difference in the world around you or to become an author and to dream big!


For fitness:

  • Kindergarten: Ms. Stratfords class with an Average of 291 Minutes per student
  • 1st/2nd: Ms. Harman’s class with an Average of 372 Minutes per student
  • 3rd/4th: Ms. Sharp’s class with an Average of 474 Minutes per student
  • 5/6th: Ms. Hamilton’s class with an Average of 532 Minutes per student

For Reading:

  • Kindergarten: Ms. Stratfords class AGAIN with an Average of 193 Minutes per student
  • 1st./2nd: Ms. Harman’s class AGAIN with an Average of 311 Minutes per student
  • 3rd/4th: Ms. Picklesimers’s class with an Average of 290 Minutes per student
  • 5/6th: Ms. Hamilton’s class AGAIN with an Average of 434 Minutes per student



5: Oliver A 690 minutes

6: Gabriel C 750

7: Mila G 950m 

8: Ellie K 895  

9: Sophie G 1020

10: Isabelle W1470

11: Addie W 1680

12: Garrett B 2280

The Grand Fitness Prize for a Gift card was won by Gabriel C


5: Layla P620 

6: Iris R 702

7: Weston S560

8: Elina H 594

9: Sophie G 1000

10: Derrick S 1088

11: Mika T 960

12: Declan K 1770

The Grand Fitness Prize for a Gift card was won by Declan K

Troupe Grand Prize!

A grand prize party with a mystery guest and treats and surprises has been won by the

First Place: Magicians with a whopping 63431 minutes of reading and fitness.

Second place: Jugglers: 60,574

Third place: Acrobats: 59,686 

Magician Paul Brewer came to entertain the winning troupe, the Magicians!

For our grand prize event Magician Paul Brewer came to the Ensign Library

to entertain our winning troupe, the Magicians! Students also received prize

packs with many chances to win a free book. 

See you next year, Ensign Troupes!



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