This school years MATURATION PROGRAM is January 26 2pm for Fifth thru Sixth grade students.

A parent letter will be sent home as well as being posted here when it is available. Check back for more information.

Ensign's Got Talent Show: Call for Entries!

Ensign's Got Talent Show: January 19th 6:30p.m.-8:00p.m.

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During library research this fall, Mrs. Panameno's third grade class research animals of their choice. After they gathered enough information, used google images to find some great pictures, and referenced their sources the students learned how to used microsoft Publisher to create a newsletter about their animal. The next step was to present to their class for practice and fill out an evaluation sheet about the work. Students then practiced their compare and contrast skills they have been learning in class with a partner and filled out a worksheet to help them sort information. The final step was to show their newsletter on the classroom smartboard and present it to an audience of their parents. This was their first big library research project and they did a fantastic job!   

3rd grade presentations

Hour of Code is Here!

hour of code

We live in a world surrounded by technology. And we know that whatever field our students choose to go into as adults, their ability to succeed will increasingly hinge on understanding how technology works. But only a tiny fraction of us are learning computer science, and less students are studying it than a decade ago. That’s why our entire school is joining in on the largest learning event in history: The Hour of Code, during Computer Science Education Week (Dec. 5-11). We are actually going to participate for the whole month of December during Library Time. More than 100 million students worldwide have already tried an Hour of Code and this is Ensigns third year of participation.
Our Hour of Code is a statement that Ensign Elementary is ready to teach these foundational 21st century skills. To continue bringing programming activities to your students, I encourage you to continue the learning at home: to help your student access their account or scroll down for alternate activities that do not require a log-in. They should remember their computer number and password image that was assigned specifically for this event.  This includes Minecraft and Starwars coding activities. Additionally our Ensign Library has numerous books on learning how to code. There are also youth classes held every summer through the University of Utah that allow even young students to learn coding and create their own computer games. 

See for more information, and help spread the word.

Mrs. Bauman
Ensign Library Media Technologist

Watch the Holiday Performance


Performed by all of Ensign’s First and Second Graders. 

Ensign Students connect with Cuban Students

The Ensign kindergarten classes have two students traveling with their parents to Cuba to live with the local people. They be a part of a service project endeavoring to support the schools there. Kindergarten students took a moment to view pictures of the Cuban countryside, observe school classrooms in Cuba, and watch a video of school children. After making observations of the pictures, students asked intriguing questions about the school uniforms, the pictures on the walls, and noted the differences in playgrounds. Classes made a book of pictures showing a typical day for a kindergarten student at Ensign Elementary in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Students talked about their own school experience, they created special notes adding an Ensign Elementary pencil that will be delivered to Cuban students this month. Kindergartners loved learning about Cuba and making a connection with students in another country. We can’t wait for our two Ensign travelers to come back and report on their experiences.  

Ensign Students connect with Cuban Students.Ensign Students connect with Cuban Students.

Ensign Elementary Safety Patrol Fall 2016

safety patrolsafety patrol officer at work


Ensign Elementary is proud to be the first school in the district to implement a new program: Student Safety Patrol. As part of community outreach Detective Moronae Lealaogata of the Salt Lake City Police Department and Alen Gibic, the SLCPD Community Affairs Officer for District 3, came out and trained twelve lucky 6th grade students to be Safety Patrol Members. These volunteer students learned how to guide our parents and their fellow students safely across our both of our busy front parking lot crosswalks. They learned what an important responsibility they were taking on and recited a safety pledge. Student Safety Patrol officers wear a bright neon vest for visibility and carry a large stop sign as they assist our school community to navigate the before school drop-offs. If you see our volunteer students, please give them your respect and a shout out for arriving early to school and taking on this new responsibility. Thank you Detective Moronae and Officer Alen Gigic and the amazing students of the Safety Patrol.

Ensign Kindergartner's Celebrate Diversity




Ensign Kindergartener’s celebrated their similarities and difference with a unique activity this fall. Kindergarten teacher Heather Thomas read them Todd Parr's book "It's Okay to Be Different."  Afterwards, they discussed that it was okay for people to look different and like different things and that we should respect everybody no matter what. Then they created "All About Me" flags to celebrate their individuality. For this activity students drew a self-portrait in the middle of their flag. They had a class discussion about how each person has unique and individual characteristics such as different colored eyes, lengths of hair, etc. Students then got to draw a favorite animal, food, school activity, and family activity in the other areas of their flags. To complete the project, they painted the flags their own favorite colors. The capstone of the project was Celebration Day.  Students waived their flags around the classroom to music. When the music stopped, they looked for a partner and shared the things they liked on their flag with another student. This was repeated several times so we they were able to find out what many different people in the classroom liked. Each student's flag was individual and unique, and they waived their flags proudly. 

Special Guest from the Navy

Mrs. Spragues' Class

The students of Ms. Spragues’ third grade class had a very special visitor last week. 

YN1 Matthew Rodgers came to speak to the class about his career in the United States Navy. He shared with them lots of interesting things about Navy Life, from the food (which he wasn’t too excited about), to the amazing places he traveled to on the ship USS Abraham Lincoln (his favorite place was Antalia, Turkey), and even addressed the misconceptions many children have about weaponry (the class was very curious). During his visit he answered many questions and the students were excited to spend time with him.    

It was wonderful to hear about a branch of the military that we don't often get much exposure to here in landlocked Utah. Thank you YN1 Matthew Rodgers for visiting Ensign Elementary and your service in the Navy! 

Ensign & Carnivals? Want to know more?

This year we have a couple of ongoing special events here at Ensign Elementary and they both have to do with Carnivals! Want to find to find out how you can be a part of the fun?

At Ensign we are working on our positive behavior.  We started the year with a carnival assembly, where students enjoyed a silly video demonstrating the right and sometimes wrong ways to follow our school rules (You can watch it too at:  Students learned that they will be earning Green Bucks all year long to spend at our end of year Ensign Carnival through exhibiting positive behavior both in the classroom, and also throughout the school.   The more positive behavior displayed, the more they earn!  Our focus this year is to help students learn positive behavior through a combination of rewards and restorative justice practices.  Studies show that using restorative justice practices leads to more positive outcomes for students than a more punitive approach.  Find out more information here:

 student receiving a green buck for positive hallway behaviorMrs. Adams with a Green Buck

The Ensign Library also has a Carnival theme: Step Right Up to the Ensign Library. Carnivals and Libraries have a lot in common; both are organized, both have something for everyone, and most importantly, both have a dash of magic. Carnival Performers use hard work and perseverance to develop the abilities and skills to astound crowds, so in honor of these positive attributes we hope to instill and inspire creativity, discovery, curiosity, and excitement for learning in our own Ensign Students. The Ensign School Library is an amazing space to aide in this goal.  Today’s learner’s live in a world saturated with information, and are actively intrigued by new things. During their class time in the Ensign Library students will learn to choose the materials that are just right for them and explore the world of information Literacy in a meaningful way. Every January we have a giant school wide read/fitness-a-thon, and we are already hard at work preparing this carnival themed event. Ensign Students have a lot to look forward to this year at Ensign Elementary School!

Step right up to the Ensign Library

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