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SEP Conferences will be held September 27th and September 28th.

The window for scheduling conferences begins Saturday September 17th at Midnight and will stay open until Saturday September 24th at 11:59PM.

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If you have problems, please feel free to contact Dani in the front office at 801-578-8150

Join us at the Fall Book Fair this week

Fall book fair is on right now


LOCATION: Ensign Library


September 26: 3-345 PM Monday

September 27: 1-630 PM Tuesday

September 28: 1-5 PM Wednesday

September 29: 830 -1230 PM Thursday

Join us at our Fall Book Fair! Both teachers and students will be given a chance to preview this years carefully chosen selection and create a wish list. 

Parents can help a teacher fulfill their wish list for their classroom by purchasing a book on their favorite teacher’s list and placing it in the teacher’s bag.

All Book Fair proceeds go towards the improvement of our school library! Current goals include updating the countries of the planet and United State Books.

Thank you for all your support and we hope you have a great time!

Special Guest from the Navy

Mrs. Spragues' Class

The students of Ms. Spragues’ third grade class had a very special visitor last week. 

YN1 Matthew Rodgers came to speak to the class about his career in the United States Navy. He shared with them lots of interesting things about Navy Life, from the food (which he wasn’t too excited about), to the amazing places he traveled to on the ship USS Abraham Lincoln (his favorite place was Antalia, Turkey), and even addressed the misconceptions many children have about weaponry (the class was very curious). During his visit he answered many questions and the students were excited to spend time with him.    

It was wonderful to hear about a branch of the military that we don't often get much exposure to here in landlocked Utah. Thank you YN1 Matthew Rodgers for visiting Ensign Elementary and your service in the Navy! 

ELP Assessment Information 2016-2017

Want to learn more about ELP for your student? Read the attached document. CLICK HERE

Ensign & Carnivals? Want to know more?

This year we have a couple of ongoing special events here at Ensign Elementary and they both have to do with Carnivals! Want to find to find out how you can be a part of the fun?

At Ensign we are working on our positive behavior.  We started the year with a carnival assembly, where students enjoyed a silly video demonstrating the right and sometimes wrong ways to follow our school rules (You can watch it too at:  Students learned that they will be earning Green Bucks all year long to spend at our end of year Ensign Carnival through exhibiting positive behavior both in the classroom, and also throughout the school.   The more positive behavior displayed, the more they earn!  Our focus this year is to help students learn positive behavior through a combination of rewards and restorative justice practices.  Studies show that using restorative justice practices leads to more positive outcomes for students than a more punitive approach.  Find out more information here:

 student receiving a green buck for positive hallway behaviorMrs. Adams with a Green Buck

The Ensign Library also has a Carnival theme: Step Right Up to the Ensign Library. Carnivals and Libraries have a lot in common; both are organized, both have something for everyone, and most importantly, both have a dash of magic. Carnival Performers use hard work and perseverance to develop the abilities and skills to astound crowds, so in honor of these positive attributes we hope to instill and inspire creativity, discovery, curiosity, and excitement for learning in our own Ensign Students. The Ensign School Library is an amazing space to aide in this goal.  Today’s learner’s live in a world saturated with information, and are actively intrigued by new things. During their class time in the Ensign Library students will learn to choose the materials that are just right for them and explore the world of information Literacy in a meaningful way. Every January we have a giant school wide read/fitness-a-thon, and we are already hard at work preparing this carnival themed event. Ensign Students have a lot to look forward to this year at Ensign Elementary School!

Step right up to the Ensign Library

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It includes information about the upcoming Fall Bookfair, how your student can win prizes from the Library, as well as all kinds of important web links such as Pioneer Online Library, E-books (ipad too!), and more!

Step Right Up to the Ensign Library

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