Science Fair

2017 District Science Fair Information

The district science fair is next Tuesday, Feb. 7 through Thursday, Feb. 9. By now your school fairs should be over. I hope they all went well!

Please make sure all the projects advancing to the district fair are registered online no later than Sunday afternoon, Feb. 5.

2017 Science Fair Update

This year was a spectacular turnout for our annual Science Fair. We had classroom projects from lower grades and even entries from third graders! We saw some top notch projects that showed innovative thinking, creativity, and understanding of the process of the scientific method. The Science fair is an essential component in bringing book learning into real life, an invaluable experience for students. We are excited to send off ten projects to compete at the district level. Students selected for the Salt Lake City School District Science fair will present their projects the afternoon of Feb 8th.  We know that judges there will be equally impressed with the quality of work as our school science fair judges were.

Science Fair 2017

Science Fair Winners 2017

2017 Science Fair Winners!

1 Andy M. and  Kelsey S. Will wetlands help prevent algae blooms?
2 Phoebe W. and Addie W. What is the cheapest and most efficient way to remove graffiti?
3 Natalie G. Do certain liquids absorb and store energy better than others?
4 Spencer R. and Dawson M. Does air density impact the speed of a moving object
5 Stine J. Is there a correlation between sunspot activity and aurora borealis occurrences?
6 Elizabeth B. Why does honey crystallize?
7 Lucas Hall. and Elliot D. What chemicals keep ants enclosed best?
8 Megan R. Will a gummy bear absorb a liquid that it is placed in?
9 Mary M. Which stain remover works best?
10 Naomi L. No title given
11 Lillian B. and Josh S. Will heating or cooling a paper airplane affect how far it flies?


The three top projects by grade received ribbons:

6th grade
Andy M. Kelsey S.
Pheobe W. Addie W.
Stine J.
5th grade
Natalie G.
Spencer R., Dawson M.
Elizabeth B.
4th grade
Megan R.
Lillian B. Josh S.
Sam J. Thomas H.
3rd grade
Naomi L.
Marta M.
Greer B., Julia E.

A big thanks to Steven Merrigan, Andy Wilson, George Robison, Eric Jergensen, Erin Larragoite, Matt Szaniawski, Kadyn Kimball, Racheal.Nell, Isabella Tcaciuc , Gavin Hunter, Jen Hunter, Tom Martins, and Laura Martins  for taking time out of their busy schedules to judge our science fair  and to Deborah Romney for helping coordinate judging activities. 







For this school year our Ensign school science fair date is January 18th, 2017.  

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