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Physical Education

Welcome to Ensign's Physical Education (PE) Information Page! 

Bernadine Winkler is our Physical Education Instructor.
Students attend Physical Education Classes twice a week for 30 minutes.

March 2020 Physical Education COVID 19 adaptations. Starting March 16, 2020

Ensign Students @ Home PE challenge: 

Do at least one hour of physical activity a day.   (You of course are welcome to do more than just the 60 minutes.)  

Here is a suggestion of how you can set your goal and keep track of the hours to meet this challenge.  

  1. Set a time to do it and write down what you want to do.  


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

PE Goal:

10:00- 10:15  Have a Scavenger Hunt with my sister

   1:00-   1:30  Hoops in the back yard

   3:00-   3:15  Hopscotch 

            2. Record your hours: 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020




60 minutes total @ HOME PE today

If you would like to communicate with Ms. Bernadine directly, you can email her at


Utah Core State Standards for Physical Education

At Ensign, The  Physical Education program follows the Utah State Standards for Physical Education.   Below are the standards and the basic skills taught.  In addition, are activities, stunts, and games that help teach these standards to the students that we do in PE.  


Kindergarten-Grade 6 Grade Skill Development 

Standard 1: Students will achieve a level of competency in motor skills and movement patterns. 

Kindergarten-Grade 6 Skill development includes various locomotor and non-locomotor skills. Locomotor skills, which include walking, hopping, galloping, running, sliding, skipping, leaping, and jumping, are the foundation of movement. Non-locomotor skills using balance and weight transfer include curling, stretching, twisting, and bending. Competency progresses into manipulative skills such as catching, rope jumping, underhand and overhand throwing, dribbling, passing, and receiving a ball with hands or feet.

Standard 2: Students will apply knowledge to attain efficient movement and performance.

Students will use space, pathways, shapes, levels, speed, direction, force, and strategy for effective movement in an activity setting.

Standard 3: Students will understand the components necessary to maintain a healthy level of fitness to support physical activity. 

Students will understand how applied knowledge of physical activity and nutrition can result in overall wellness.

Standard 4: Students will develop cooperative skills and positive personal behavior through communication and respect for self and others.   

This includes Students exhibiting personal responsibility in a group setting by working well with others, accepting feedback, and understanding how rules and etiquette contribute to a safe and enjoyable environment.

Standard 5: Students will appraise the personal value of the physical activity as a tool for wellness, challenges, and interact with appropriate social skills with friends and family.

 The goal is for students to identify activities that bring satisfaction and pleasure through participation and reflect how physical activity promotes a lifetime of wellness.

Although the Standards are the same for each grade level the child's ability to do them grows.  For example, a child locomotor and non-locomotor skills become more developed each year.  The child's understanding also develops so what is expected of a Kindergarten in the standard will look different than what is expected from a student in Grade 6.  

Students are encouraged to do their personal best, be open to learning new things, and have fun.  


PE Activities, Units, and Games

Angry Birds:



Bull In the Ring




Frize dance

Students Leads

Fitness Circuits:

Fitness Challenges:

Four Corners:

Four Square:


Student Rules


Frisbee football with the Football


Kick Ball:


Hula Hoops:


Jumping Rope:


In teams

Chinese Jump Rope

Onmikin Ball:




Redlight Greenlight:

Rock Paper Scissors:


Cops and Robbers


Speed stacking Cups:




Strengthening Exercises:


Tag and Aerobic Games: 

Extinction Tag

Line Tag

Infection Tag


Snake in the Grass

Friendship Tag


Student and Parent Pedagogy 

It is always fun to learn a new game, learn some new dance moves, or receive insights about Physical Education from students and parents. If you have something they would like to contribute to the classes, please feel welcome to contact me, and together we can discuss the possibilities and logistics of adding them to our year of learning.  

Bernadine Winkler

Bernadine Winkler

Paraprofessional III