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Student Recognition

At Ensign Elementary we love finding ways to recognize how amazing our students are! We have two programs that we use schoolwide to promote good behavior! 


The Principal's 100 Club

When students are caught doing awesome things around the school they can earn a 100 Club ticket. They then get to pick out a pencil and draw a number for the 100 Club board. When 10 numbers in a row are filled in on the board (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) those students get to participate in a 100 Club Party on Wednesday afternoons. We usually share these fun events on Facebook. Every time a student earns a 100 Club ticket, they will come home with a pink copy of it to share with their family. When you see these come home, please ask your scholar what they earned it for and give them some praise! They must have done something amazing to earn it!


100 Club
Club Slip


P.R. Star

Students can earn P.R. (Performance Result) Stars in their classroom. Each class nominates a P.R. Star of the month. These are students who demonstrate the Performance Results in their actions during the month. We then randomly draw a P.R. Star for the whole school for the month during morning announcements. These students receive the Star Staff, some Starbursts, and some fun Star Prizes, along with being serenaded by the principals. Each student who is nominated for this award also receives a letter of recognition that goes home following the drawing! It is a truly "Out of this World" student recognition program. 

P.R. nominee
PR Star